Add Warmth to Your Home This Winter with a Textured Rug

Textured Rugs for Winter

As the days seem to disappear into darkness a little earlier and the temperature drops, the allure of cosying up on the couch or in bed becomes just a little stronger.

If you’ve completely traded in the outdoor activities for movie marathons or you’re just looking for a way to take the chill out of those cold floors in the morning, you can give your home décor an update AND warm your home with a textured rug – or three.

At Urban Rugs, we stock a wide range of textured rugs in modern designs to suit your home décor, make a bold statement or enhance the character of your home.

How to Style a Textured Rug

Textured rugs are an affordable, cost effective way to add depth and character to a room, but how exactly are you meant to style them?

Using a rug pad to keep your rug in place, you can place your rug over tiles, wood or even carpet to add dimension and warmth to your room.

In open plan living spaces, we recommend buying a generous sized rug that can be used to separate the lounge room and dining area. As a general rule, you should aim for your rug to be wider than your lounge, giving your lounge room a defined space to catch up or relax.

Textured rugs can also be styled in the traditional sense to sit between furniture, under the coffee table or at the end of your bed.

Scandi Style Textured Rugs

One style that has come back onto everyone’s radar – and for good reason – is Scandinavian décor, affectionately referred to as “Scandi”.

Scandi rugs are very popular, with grey, white and neutral tones at the forefront of this light, bright, clean and minimal style. However, these softer tones can be shaken up with texture; knotted, flatweave and hand loomed weave types are popular ways to add that extra wow factor to your room.

The neutral colour palette of Scandi style suits most spaces and offers a popular and modern, yet timeless style; which is great for those on a budget, or those who want to make the most out of their rug purchase.

How to Choose a Textured Rug

Trying to find the perfect textured rug to suit your décor, room size, furniture and overall style can be difficult, with so many options out there, what are the most important things to consider when making your decision?


A big factor many people forget about is lifestyle – how will you use the room? Will the rug get a lot of foot traffic or very little? Do you have pets that are likely to enjoy the rug in front of the fireplace more than you?

If the rug is in an entry hall, under the kitchen table or in your main lounge area, you should consider a textured rug made from material that is hardy, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Avoid knotted rugs and textured rugs with excessive lumps and bumps, as your vacuum cleaner may not take fondly to your beautiful new rug!

Finding a versatile and hardy rug that can be flipped over and reversed will also help you to get the most out of your purchase, allowing you to subtly hide that pasta sauce stain or the over-trodden section of rug.

Match the Décor

Your new textured rug should complement the look of your home by matching the colour, style and finish of your other furniture.

Take the time to appreciate the colours and textures already present in your home and consider what the near future might hold. However, don’t be afraid to be bold – buy that textured rug with the interesting pattern or colour palette and make a statement!

Textured Rugs at Urban Rugs

At Urban Rugs, one of our most popular modern textured rugs is the Fusion Mix, which has been designed to bring warmth to your home with a minimalist, yet eclecticcombination of Scandi and tribal décor attributes giving the rug a truly interesting textured finish.

If the Fusion Mix isn’t quite your style, Urban Rugs have a range of textured rugs guaranteed to bring warmth to your home.

Rhythm Textured Rug Range

The Rhythm range of textured rugs will challenge your senses and give you a new appreciation for depths and textures.

Starting with the Rhythm Chime Bone rug, this classic black and white has a unique pattern and texture, crafted with a mix of materials to add luxury and warmth to any space.

Delighting your eyes and feet with its mix of colours, patterns and unique textures is the Rhythm Swing Denim. As the name suggests, this rug has features of denim-blue hues teamed up with earthy tones to give bring a little colour to your room. This rug would be a perfect choice for those who are renting and may not be able to decorate the wall.

Another stunning design from the Rhythm collection is the Rhythm Bop Grey rug, which is a simple, textured grey rug crafted with an interesting Scandi marble textured look. The Rhythm Bop Grey rug adds luxury to any room without becoming the centre of attention, which is perfect to add warmth and relaxation to your bedroom or lounge area.

For affordable textured rugs that not only complete your space, but add a touch of luxury too, you can’t go past Urban Rugs.

Shop online today from the comfort of the couch knowing that you can find the colour, texture and size rug you’re after, without breaking the bank, at Urban Rugs.

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