5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Rug

Rugs are an anchor to the overall colour scheme, vibe and style of any room. They have the potential to ground a room, offer personality and warmth and even segregate areas within open-plan living areas.

Choosing the right rug is an important process that we are here to help with at Urban Rugs! We are here to help you feel confident in purchasing a rug online that will suit your space and make your room cohesive.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a rug…

Too Neutral
This is where you need to step out of your comfort zone! Unless the floor is relatively busy, your rug choice is where you need to take some risks and consider all the patterns and colours there are available. Of course, traditional black or white rugs are always popular because they compliment so many different interior styles. Don’t be afraid to make a bold choice with your rug, whether that be a floral pattern, geometric or Persian style rug.

It is important to acknowledge the business of the pattern or design when choosing the rug and where abouts the pattern can be seen on the rug in the space. For example, if the rug you have chosen for a lounge room has a busy print in the centre, it may be hidden with a coffee table.

In regards to flooring, you don’t want your rug to blend in with the existing floor, this is where the room tends to look a little bit lost. By choosing a rug with a contrasting colour, you add an element of boldness to the space, which then makes it a beautiful statement piece!

Don’t be afraid to layer your rug over rooms with carpet. It is just as important to choose a colour and design of rug which will pop against the carpet floor.

Too Small
Bigger is always better when it comes to buying and measuring a rug… unless the rug takes up the whole floor space! A larger rug for a space can gives a sense of depth to any space and make it a lot more inviting and cosier.

It is easy to make the mistake of choosing a small rug and creating a perimeter of floor with the placement of furniture around it. This will make the room feel disjointed, instead of connecting all the furniture and making the space come together. Ideally, furniture should rest on the edge of the rug.

Small rugs have the tendency to make the room look smaller than it is, so it is important to consider all the size options when browsing for rugs.

Too late – You need to buy the rug early in the process!
The right rug can really anchor a whole room and tie all the furniture pieces together. A rug is used to bring the colours of lounges, cushions, throws and decorative pieces all together. If these are already established in a room, it can be tricky to find a rug that matches the existing accessories, which limits your choice when purchasing. A good tip when decorating is to purchase a rug and style from the floor up!

When purchasing online, be sure to have photographs of your room if you are unsure. Our friendly staff are always available to answer emails regarding styling and rug choice; our job is to help you feel confident when purchasing rugs online!

Hazards – You need an underlay!

It may come as a surprise to some, but rugs can be hazardous to the floor if they are not secured with an underlay or anti-slip gripping mat. This is particularly important if you have a hard wooden floor, as not securing the rug can lead to some slip and slide experience. You may relate this to when your kids are running around and suddenly one slips on the corner of a rug because it wasn’t secure.

By using underlays and anti-slip mats, it helps your floors stay protected as well. It absorbs foot-traffic in high-traffic areas, which as a result, prolongs the lifespan of your rug! A win for everyone involved!

Assessing Durability and Material
Consider the durability and material of the rug you a purchasing while keeping in mind who you live with and where the rug is going:

– Will the rug hide food and LEGO from the kids?
– Will the rug be ruined by a pet?
– Is this rug in a high-traffic area?
– Is the rug exposed to a lot of sunlight?

As with any piece of furniture, the rug needs to be personal to you and suit your lifestyle. For rooms with high traffic, choose a rug that won’t stain easily and can be cleaned easily, so less maintenance is required!

At Urban Rugs, we are always ready to answer questions and queries regarding rug purchasing and room styling! Hopefully these tips will help you feel more confident in successfully selecting the right rug for your space. Once the rug is rolled out in your space, you’ll be glad you took the time researching the right one!

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