Traditional Rugs

When talking rugs, the first thing many people imagine is the symmetrical patterns and style of traditional rugs. Unlike modern or transitional rug styles, the value of traditional rugs is not from pushing the boundaries of design, but the skill and mastery of technique in which each rug delivers classic and regional patterns. Choosing to introduce a traditional rug into your home can complete a classic décor, adding texture, visual interest and timeless class.

Within the variety of traditional rugs, there are two major sub-classes, Victorian rugs that evoke the class and sophistication of European design with floral patterns and soft pallets, and Persian or Oriental rugs that can bring the vibrant contrasting colours of central Asia. Whether you go for European classic designs or oriental patterns, there are few additions to your formal or informal areas as instantly recognisable as a traditional rug.

Materials and Techniques

All our traditional rugs are sourced from manufacturers in Belgium, Turkey and Egypt. Utilising the latest in mechanisation in weaving technology, your rug will be crafted from the latest innovations in synthetic polypropylene or polyester thread for superior stain resistance, pest resistance and longevity. By using modern materials in weaving traditional designs, the rugs we select for our range provide a lustrous sheen and silk like softness at an affordable price point.

Styles and Patterns

Where modern rugs have few guiding principles in design, traditional rugs create striking patterns by conforming to simple design requirements, or by recreating patterns that have been in use for centuries. In times past, the colours chosen for a traditional patterned rug are regionally significant, and can be used to help identify the origin of the rug. Contemporary manufacturers have far fewer limitations, but normally choose a regional colour pattern that matched the design. Most traditional designs incorporate a large number of colours within a single style, look for deep blues, reds and golds in Persian designs, or intricate but muted greens, golds and creams in Victorian rugs.

Patterns used also often follow certain standards. Most Victorian traditional rugs feature a border, with ornate and intricate designs across the rug face. Classic colours include varying shades of maroon, black, red, navy blue, brown, white and green. Often patterns offer floral imagery, or geometric shapes such as diamonds, octagons or hexagons around a central medallion.

Persian Rugs

Regionally specific to patterns and designs from present day Iran, Persian rugs retain classic motifs and styles. Designs of husks, pomegranates, flowers, crosses, combs and lotuses are common. Look out for traditional colours that have been providing elegance and style across centuries, blues, reds, browns, beige and gold are prominent.

Traditional Rugs from Urban Rugs

If you have a traditional décor to your home, or want to add an element of classic style for a traditional modern design, our range of European and Oriental traditional rugs has a piece that will suit your home. Have a browse through our extensive range of modern, traditional and transitional rugs, where you can find everything from the very best in hand woven wool and silk to contemporary piece, at prices to suit every budget.