Textured Rugs

There are few design items that can dramatically change the feeling of a space more than a beautiful textured rug. Whether you are looking to refresh your home, want to add some style and personality to your rental, or are looking to add some warmth to a cold floor for the winter, Urban Rugs have just the right piece to match your look, feel and budget.

Add some warmth with a shag pile, complement clean lines and bright sun-lit rooms with a cool Scandi pattern, or be amazed at the elegant impact of a simple cow hide. At Urban Rugs we have the style, material and shape to suit any room, at prices that will please.

Materials and Techniques

With the world of textured rugs, there is no limit to the styles, patterns and materials that are available. Our extensive range covers every option from the most supple, sustainable 100% woollen or art silk rugs, to top-quality synthetics including viscose, polyester, and cutting-edge heat set polypropylene that look and feel much more luxurious than their price would suggest. In our selection you will find elegant hand-woven rugs from India, contemporary European styles from Belgium, or classic inspired products from Egypt and Turkey.

Styles and Textures

With the world of textured rugs at your fingertips, find the style perfect for finishing your home.

Scandi Style

With a focus on maximising sunlight, space and vibrant bursts of colour, it is little wonder the world has fallen in love with the clean lines of Scandi style. The choice of textured rug can be the item that ties your room’s look together. Look for neutral colours, greys and whites to set against wooden floors and bring your spaces together.

Because of their neutral colouring and simplicity, Scandi style textured rugs can be used to great effect in almost any space, adding a hint of elegance and timelessness. Look for knotted, flatweave and hand loomed rugs to introduce striking visuals and underfoot texture.

Cow Hide

There are few pieces as universal, glamourous and underrated as a cow hide rug. Incredibly hard wearing and stain resistant, cow hide rugs are perfect for your high-traffic areas, under dining tables, or in entrance halls.

If you have a space with clean, hard surfaces such as wood and stone, cow hide offers just enough texture to soften the feel of a room with its low pile fur. Suitable with almost any architectural theme, consider introducing a cow hide rug to your luxury, Scandi, modern or traditional home for a point of interest and versatile look.

Shag Pile Rugs

Made popular in the 60’s and 70’s, shag pile rugs are making a well deserved come back with their thick, lush foot feel and warming qualities. Originating in 15th century Greece, shag pile is distinctive with its characteristic long cut pile, commonly between 20 and 50mm. The length of cut creates lots of space to trap air, helping with insulation, softness, and making a shag pile rug the perfect solution to help make a cosy winter retreat.

With renowned durability from their tight construction and thick pile, choose a shag pile rug as a feature piece of a bedroom, living space or professional setting.

Textured Rugs at Urban Threads

If you are looking to inject some style into your home, or want to refresh a room’s look, browse our online store today. For classic looks, contemporary feel or professional presentation without enormous price tags, Urban Rugs has the best collection to suit your particular tastes, styles and budget.