Natural Fibre Rugs

Natural fibre rugs are the ideal choice for a decorator that wants to inject interesting textures and patterns into a room in an environmentally friendly way. Our range of natural fibres are specifically chosen for their strength in weave, ability to take colour, and for the authentic-rustic feel they can bring into a space.

The environmentally friendly benefits of a natural fibre rug begin long before the weaving of the rug itself, all the way back to the processing of the raw materials. Products such as jute, cotton and wool are some of the first materials to be spun into thread. They each provide unmistakable touch quality, physical durability, and design versatility. This makes our selection of natural fibre rugs the must have for your busy spaces, as a show piece, or to finish off your outdoor area.


Jute Rugs

Nothing brings a sense of style and the out doors into your home like a well placed jute rug. Choose between a range of colours, or stay with its beautiful natural look, jute rugs compliment a wide range of home décor styles. No matter if you are looking to bring home some Boho chic, invoke a beachy coastal feel, or just want a relaxed, causal space, Jute is the way to go.

All jute rugs are made with the flat weave technique, hand woven or hand braided for strength, durability and lightness. Left with its beautiful natural golden colouring, or able to carry earthy tones, skilled craftsmen are able to produce designs and colours that will impress. Our jute rugs are available in every shape you might need, from contemporary round rugs and hard wearing hall runners, to traditional large and small squares.

We source all our jute range from the skilled hard weavers of India. This ensures that the craftsmen produce a superior flat woven rug, available with intricate patterns, simple, bold colours, or showcasing the material’s natural beauty.



Possibly the most famous and widely used fibre the world over, cotton takes colour exceptionally well, is grown naturally across the world, and produces rugs and cloth that have delicate skin feel.

Within our range of rugs, we offer 100% cotton, or for variations cotton blended with jute or rayon. When blended, jute and cotton create a strong, versatile thread with greater colour holding qualities that jute alone, and retaining the unique lustre and texture of jute rugs. With the softness underfoot of cotton, and the silky texture of rayon, cotton – rayon blends create a comfortable and cool feeling, perfect for warm spots in your home.

The versatility of cotton can’t be compared. The most common weaving material in the world, cotton is plentiful, naturally produced, weaves into a fine thread and is very strong. With the ability to hold nearly any colour, you will find a cotton rug that perfectly suits your style.

Choose a 100% cotton rug for a casual look with a softer footfall than jute rugs. Flat woven and hand loomed, cotton is the ideal choice for households that want a natural rug with durability and relaxed style at rock bottom prices.


Wool Rugs

The classic material of the cooler climates across the world, wool is the ultimate natural material for someone looking to balance warmth, luxury and design. Famously the best wool in the world comes from our backyard, with Australian and New Zealand wool offering the very highest in quality yarns. For that luxurious feeling every day, nothing beats introducing the softness of wool into your home.

When shopping for your wool rug, pay attention to 100% wool or blended products. Pure wool will give the greatest underfoot experience, luxurious, plush and warm. Often blended with cotton, woollen rugs are known for long wearing qualities, and hold colour far better than many other natural fibres.

All our woollen rugs are hand made, and we carry a range of flat weave or tufted woollen rugs. Flat weave is ideal for a home that wants flexibility, light weight and wear resistance for high traffic spaces. Choose a tufted rug to maximise the plushness and warmth that wool has to offer.


For the best range of hand selected natural fibre rugs, browse our catalogue here. Our purchasing team regularly scour the world for the very best quality rugs, ensuring you will find just the right wool, cotton or jute piece to compliment the style of your home.