Modern Rugs

When talking rugs, of the three major categories, nowhere will you find the vibrancy, diversity and ingenuity that is offered by our range of modern or contemporary rugs. Unlike traditional or transitional styles, modern rugs don’t have to conform to expectations, they can do away with borders, symmetry and limited colour pallets, giving a room anything from a delicate softness to a dynamic statement piece.

For modern décor styles, nothing finishes a room like a beautiful complimentary rug. Look for round shapes in a range of materials and textures, or emphasise a room with geometric patterns and abstract design. Take inspiration from contemporary techniques, colours and patterns and embrace a modern take on luxury.

Materials and Techniques

Our range of modern rugs covers all the materials and techniques at the cutting edge of design trends. For truly luxurious softness, it is hard to go past our New Zealand sourced wool. We also have a selection of art silk, and wool and art silk blends that are hand knotted, hand tuffed or hand woven in India.

For the latest on trend styles, we source a range of pieces from Belgium, Turkey and Egypt using wool, felted wool, viscose, polyester, jute or heat set polypropylene.

Styles and Patterns

The beauty of the modern category is the freedom from tropes and expectation. A modern rug is the perfect accompaniment to your contemporary home. In a more traditional setting, don’t discount the power of a contemporary rug to bring a lounge or dining room right up to date. With such a diverse selection, it is nearly impossible to list every possibility, but generally modern rugs fit into the sub-categories below.

  • Still-life or abstract, contemporary weaving technology allows designers to create complex, bold or striking images.
  • Geometric and abstract elements. Nothing says 60’s modernism like bright colours and repeated geometric patterns. If, however, you feel the style of the 60’s belongs in the past, design has evolved to balance subtlety in pattern and bold colouring for striking results.
  • Bold colours. For simple rooms looking for a burst of life, or a darker room that needs a bit of brightness, a bold coloured rug can be the perfect solution.
  • Natural tones. From metallic finished synthetics to rustic chic fibre weaves, bringing natural colour onto modern flooring such as polished concrete can add contrast and relief in a space.
  • Scandi rugs. Sitting under the awning of modern design, bring your bright and clean Scandi design together with a feature rug in neutral greys and whites.

When thinking of modern rug design, most people visualise stark contrasts, bold colouring and abstract patterning. Keep an eye out for the elegant simplicity of designs artfully using one, tow or three colours without intricacy or embellishment.

Round Rugs

Large or small, a well placed round rug can have an amazing impact on the feel of your spaces. Not simply bold colours, contemporary round rug designs are made of most materials. Look out for the lusterous earthiness of jute, softness of wool or tactile luxury of silk.

For hallways or odd shaped rooms, a round rug can help provide definition and drama in an entrance way, or help delineate different sections of a larger room. For apartments, round rugs are used by designers to increase the feeling of space. Just make sure that your rug is large enough for each piece of furniture to touch to help maintain the experience of cohesion.

Modern Rugs at Urban Rugs

Browse our range of modern rugs for just the right piece to completely change the feel of your rooms. At Urban Rugs we work hard to ensure our designs are at the cutting edge of style, with contemporary rug shapes, colours, patterns and materials to impress the most discerning tastes.