Flatweave Rugs

Flexible, durable and light, flat weave rugs are crafted with time honed techniques that have been practiced for centuries. Woven on a vertical loom, these ancient style rugs have been traditionally used in the most hard wearing roles. Examples can be found as prayer mats or saddle blankets, and are perfect for your high traffic areas.

Available in materials as luxurious as silk to hard wearing jute, the right flat weave rug with a traditional or contemporary pattern can add just the right touch of texture, warmth and colour to your modern home.

Flat weave rugs have historical use across the ancient world. Crafted by weaving patterns of colour and simplicity horizontally against the vertical threads arrayed on a loom, a flat weave rug takes far less time to weave than more complex knotted rugs. The technique creates no pile, showcasing the quality of material in under foot feel, array flat weave rugs around your home for a simple, textured look.

Because they process requires much less material, your new flat woven rug is light weight, flexible and rollable, perfect for an easy seasonal décor change.

High Durability

The process of flat weaving was developed to create strong rugs for daily use, this makes a flat weave rug perfect for high traffic environments. Because there is no pile, flat weave rugs won’t develop flat areas from regular footfall, or become indented by furniture like a knotted or tufted rug will. And because of the weaving technique, most flat woven rugs are reversable with patterns and colour that mirrors both sides.

When it comes time for cleaning, flat weave rugs are a breeze. With no pile or threads to snag, vacuums are no problem. Or simply take the rug outside and beat off the accumulated dust.


Flat weave rugs are available in a range of materials, depending where you are planning on using the rug guides how delicate or hardy you want your rug to be. For internal uses that showcase the quality of thread material, wool or art silk provide elegance in texture and feel. Newly developed synthetics can offer a hard wearing, visually striking option, or for outdoor applications consider our patterned jute.

Flat weaving helps to minimise shedding that you experience in other rug types. Keeping the weave tight and entwined, even traditionally heavy shedding materials such as wool produce very little fall off from a flat weave rug.

Jute Rugs

For hard wearing quality, nothing compares to a stylish jute rug to complete your outdoor area. Because of the thread traits of natural jute, all jute rugs are made using flat weave techniques, lending your rug strength, resilience and texture.

For an earthy look, natural texture and visual interest, geometric designed flat weave jute rugs perfectly complement stone flooring and thatch or timber ceilings.

If you are looking for inspiration, or need to find just the right piece to match your room’s décor, browse our selection of rugs here. Regardless of your discerning tastes, our range or rugs will have a colour, design and style for your home, office or out door area.